“Leaky Gut” – Is it real and what to do about it?


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“Leaky Gut” is a funny sounding name, but it’s not a funny condition if you have it. Only recently recognized as a disorder, this rather common condition may actually underlie dozens of serious medical conditions, from acne to autism and AIDS to autoimmune arthritis.

The causes of “leaky gut” are dietary and environmental, and it affects far more of our population than is realized, which is why its clinical importance is now being acknowledged.

What’s more, its consequences, if unrecognized, will likely foil any attempt to overcome common diseases that can distort and destroy the enjoyment of life, such as asthma, eczema, colitis, chronic urticaria (hives), depression, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

This recording of a 66-minute live webinar is devoted to “leaky gut,” including its causes and mechanisms and practical treatment strategies. Dr. Klaper provides an illustrated presentation followed by a 23-minute question and answer session based on questions submitted from webinar attendees.

     Time Map for “Leaky Gut” (66-minutes)

00:00 : Webinar Introduction by Katherine Nilbrink
01:50 : Introduction of Dr. Michael Klaper
02:31 : Dr. Klaper’s Introduction to “Leaky Gut”

03:32 : “Etiology Unknown” – What it means and why it matters

08:09 : The Gut – anatomy, purpose and function

11:04 : Increasing Intestinal Permeability (how a gut gets “leaky”)
13:28 : Injurious microbes in mucus layer
20:29 : Injuries in tight junctions

21:52 : Immune System Concerns
22:49 : Gluten sensitivity
23:36 : How to tell if you’re gluten sensitive
25:18 : Liver concerns
26:26 : Leaky Gut – Four “vicious circle” mechanisms

28:47 : When to suspect Leaky Gut Syndrome (symptoms)

32:50 : If you suspect you have “leaky gut”…

34:10 : How to Heal “Leaky Gut”…
34:58 : Stop injuring your gut
35:11 : Nourish your tissues
38:00 : Epidermal growth factor in saliva
38:45 : Glutamine supplements
38:57 : Quercetin supplements
39:14 : Supplementation for essential fatty acids
39:51 : SAMe (S-Adenosyl methionine) supplements
40:15 : Probiotics

42:33 : End of Dr. Klaper’s “Leaky Gut” Presentation

43:38 : Beginning of Question and Answer Section
43:55 : Q #1 – Is it possible to confuse leaky gut with celiac disease?
45:32 : Q #2 – Can I return to eating gluten after leaky gut has healed?
47:10 : Q #3 – Do positive IgA serum tests indicate gluten sensitivity?
48:12 : Q #4 – Should I avoid dried fruit if I suspect leaky gut?
49:27 : Q #5 – Can a water fast cure leaky gut?
50:49 : Q #6 – Is an endoscopy the only way to test for celiac disease?
53:03 : Q #7 – Can a hormonal imbalance effect leaky gut?
54:48 : Q #8 – Must I follow the “Baseline Safety Diet”?
56:30 : Q #9 – What is H. pylori and how does it pertain to leaky gut?
57:54 : Q #10 – Are legumes problematic for leaky gut?
59:00 : Q #11 – Would a colon cleansing (colonic) help a leaky gut?
59:53 : Q #12 – Does a “Paleo” diet help or hurt a leaky gut?
60:40 : Q #13 – What seasonings and cooking methods are okay for the “Baseline Safety Diet”?

62:24 : Conclusion
66:01 : End

Thanks to Meredith Scheiner for her Time Map of this presentation.

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Leaky Gut: Is it real and what to do about it?

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Recorded: January 27, 2015
Duration: 66 Minutes


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