Healthy Bones – Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis


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Ahhh…the Skeletal System; what a masterpiece! The human adult body contains 206 bones with, surprisingly, more than half in the hands and feet. Keeping our bones healthy is crucial for anyone who likes to walk, sit, stand or run – or do anything for this matter!

What is required to create and maintain a healthy skeleton and to ward off osteoporosis? Must we—as the dairy, pharmaceutical and medical industries advocate—drink milk, swallow copious amounts of calcium tablets and fill ourselves with vitamin D? Why is low bone density so rampant in our modern-day society—and apparently increasing in our population?

In this webinar, Dr. Klaper explores the amazing, secret life of your bones and what it takes to keep them strong throughout life. This is a webinar that you will want to run to!

After his initial 49-minute presentation, Dr. Klaper devotes the rest of this 76-minute webinar to answering questions from attendees. Discussion includes bone and muscle strength, DEXA (bone density) scans, calcium (in food and supplements), salt, sugar, sunshine, hormones, inflammation, and the use of weight vests.

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Time Map

Healthy Bones: Preventing & Reversing Osteoporosis” (76-minutes)

0:00 : Introduction
1:33 : Start of Dr. Klaper’s presentation

1:55 : Bones: alive and dynamic
3:19 : Breaking down old bone and building new bone
5:41 : What makes osteoblasts create new bone?
8:56 : Preventing osteoporosis (see also 32:57 below)
10:01 : A sedentary lifestyle and its effect on bone health
13:24 : Osteoporosis: atrophy of the bones!

14:03 : Testing for osteoporosis
15:20 : DEXA scan – calculating bone density
16:47 : Bone density vs. bone strength

18:03 : Main causes of osteoporosis
19:05 : Essential nutrients for bone health
22:23 : Calcium “thieves”

26:45 : Recipe for maintaining strong bones
27:22 : Bone building exercises
28:42 : The value of weighted vests
31:41 : Elastic resistance bands
32:15 : Nutrient rich foods and avoiding calcium thieves

32:57 : Preventing and reversing osteoporosis
33:25 : Current medical model for osteoporosis
34:28 : Do dairy products promote bone health?

37:52 : Calcium supplements?
38:35 : High calcium intake and heart attack risk
39:07 : How much calcium do you need?
39:42 : Better sources of calcium

40:13 : Biphosphonates inhibit and kill osteoclasts
42:31 : The ‘bare-bones’ truth!
43:40 : Vitamin D
44:26 : Vitamin K
45:27 : Estrogen and progesterone
47:11 : Strategies and recommendations

49:27 : End of Dr. Klaper’s presentation
49:55 : Beginning of Q&A session

50:09 : Are runners protected from osteoporosis?
53:12 : Calcium in green vegetables
54:09 : Can we get too much calcium from plant-based food?
54:36 : Calcium-fortified rice milk and orange juice
55:17 : Acid quality of whole grains
58:22 : Tests for bone strength
59:49 : Connection between inflammation and osteoporosis?

61:31 : Impact of weight vests on one’s knees
62:56 : Do biphosphonate drugs continue to interfere with bone remodeling after they’re ceased?
63:54 : How much salt is too much?
65:20 : Is the low dose of estrogen/progesterone/testosterone taken by many women beneficial for their bones?
66:51 : Connection between muscle strength and bone health
67:31 : Do phytates inhibit calcium absorption?
69:59 : Calcium supplements

70:42 : Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels during the winter
72:38 : Post gastric bypass surgery – calcium absorption and bone health

75:19 : Summary/Conclusion
76:16 : End

Thanks to Maria Sterling for her Time Map of this presentation.

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Healthy Bones: Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis

Date and Time

Recorded: March 25, 2015
Duration: 76 Minutes


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