Banishing Bronchitis and Soothing Sore Throats Without Antibiotics


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Learn how you can banish bronchitis and sooth sore throats without antibiotics! Learn how to heal yourself and others.

Have you been coughing up yellow (or green or gray) phlegm? Coughing for days after a “chest cold”? Does your throat feel like you swallowed a blowtorch? Want to feel better, quickly – without antibiotics? If your answer is yes, this video is for you!

After watching, “Banishing Bronchitis and Soothing Sore Throats Without Antibiotics,” you will know what to do to feel better quickly – without antibiotics! And, equally important, you will also know what not to do.

Learn how to know if you have bronchitis. Learn what causes bronchitis and sore throats. Learn how you can eliminate mucus accumulations. Learn proper techniques for gargling. Learn how you can speed up your own healing.

Duration: 35 Minutes. Recorded in April 2016.

Watch Dr. Michael Klaper’s introductory video below…

Time Map

Banishing Bronchitis and Soothing Sore Throats Without Antibiotics” (35 minutes)

00:00 : Dr. Klaper’s Introduction
00:33 : Similarities between bronchitis and sore throats
01:19 : How can I keep my immune system strong?

04:00 : Infections and anatomy of the bronchial tube lining
05:09 : Keeping bronchial membranes healthy
05:32 : Bronchial infection, mucus build up, pneumonia

10:14 : Two step treatment process
10:25 : Step 1 – thinning the mucus accumulation
13:42 : Step 2 – moving mucus out of your respiratory system
16:28 : Should I take cough medicine?

18:54 : Why and how smoking is harmful

21:31 : How long does a cough typically last?
22:36 : Is bronchitis contagious?
23:23 : When are antibiotics recommended?

24:33 : Sore throats
25:51 : Symptoms – when to see a doctor
28:05 : How to gargle properly
32:42 : Throat infection – what not to do

34:08 : Conclusion
34:53 : End

Thanks to Meredith Scheiner for her Time Map of this presentation.

“Loved this video! I’ll use these techniques the next time I get a sore throat or cold.”

Linda Brown

“This was a very informative video. I could never understand why I got sore throats etc. when I was very stressed.”

Kerry McHendry

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Banishing Bronchitis and Soothing Sore Throats Without Antibiotics

Date and Time

Recorded: April 2016
Duration: 35 Minutes


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