Vegan Protein Deficiency


Dr. Michael Klaper talks about the rich variety of protein sources in a vegan or a plant-based diet in this 5-minute video produced by TheCoolVegetarian. He points out there are many foods in the plant kingdom that are especially rich in protein and that protein deficiency is not an issue in a well-configured vegan or vegetarian diet.

Dr. Klaper talks about calories, grams of protein, vitamin B12, iodine, DHA, and the difference between potatoes and potato chips. He advocates a whole foods diet consisting of what he refers to as, “food as grown.”

In this short video, Dr. Klaper provides a set of guidelines, or things you must do properly, if you choose to adopt a plant-based diet.

Nature gave us 32 of the best juicers on the planet – 16 in our upper jaw and 16 in our lower jaw,”
Dr. Michael Klaper while speaking about the importance of chewing well.

See Dr. Klaper’s “Health Supporting Eating Plan,” a guide to constructing an easy, guaranteed-healthy day of eating based on four words that start with “S.”

Watch Dr. Klaper’s 100-minute On Demand Video, “Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet” for much more information.



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