Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition

Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition


Dr. Michael Klaper, one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and health, explores some of the most commonly held beliefs and myths about nutrition in this DVD and On Demand Video, “Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition: A Look at Today’s Most Common Health Myths.”

This presentation will change the way you think about your body, your food, and your health! Dr. Klaper provides common-sense analysis and detailed advice on frequently misunderstood topics, including:

  • Gallbladder flushes
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Probiotics – uses and misuses
  • Olive oil – heart healthy?
  • Chocolate – sweet seduction?
  • Dairy – good or bad?
  • Fat burning pills
  • Sugar – what’s the truth?
  • Multi-vitamins – smart, or not?
  • Low carb diets – dangerous or effective?
  • Coffee – beneficial or hazardous?

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See a 1-minute introductory video by Dr. Michael Klaper.

Time Map

Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition” (89-minutes)

A Look at Today’s Most Common Health Myths

00:00 : Introduction
00:27 : Start of Dr. Klaper’s presentation

03:49 : “Gallbladder flush” – biliary talk
05:16 : How do we absorb fats?
08:38 : The gallbladder and its function
10:36 : How gallstones are formed
14:59 : Why do gallstone “attacks” hurt?
16:54 : Factors favoring gallstone formation
18:33 : What is a “gallbladder flush?”
21:04 : Results of a gallbladder flush
24:58 : What happens when a gallbladder is removed?
26:08 : Medicine for gallstones
27:29 : Origins of biliary medical terms
29:22 : “Four humors” theory of disease

30:19 : Probing probiotics
30:24 : Understanding the intestinal membrane
32:15 : Beneficial bacteria
34:41 : Beneficial yeast
36:49 : “Friendly” bacteria
37:39 : Why bacterial balance is important
39:02 : Modern life and friendly intestinal bacteria
42:44 : Impact of sugar on friendly intestinal bacteria
44:48 : “Leaky Gut Syndrome” (Article, Video)
46:53 : How to repair gut integrity

47:43 : Probiotics – what you need to know
49:42 : What is the best probiotic to use?
50:54 : How to test if your probiotic product is alive?
52:58 : Who should take probiotics and when is the best time?

54:51 : Does cooking destroy enzymes and other nutrients?
56:46 : Not all cooked/destroyed enzymes are digestible by humans
60:37 : The best way to cook food
63:44 : How dry heat cooking is destructive

65:56 : Is olive oil healthy?

66:44 : Dairy products are NOT healthy
67:13 : Reality check – the real purpose of cow’s milk
69:07 : Diseases associated with cow’s milk proteins

69:37 : Protein shakes – too much protein?

70:02 : Energy drinks

70:14 : Fat burning pills

70:47 : Vitamin supplements
71:13 : Vitamin supplementation and its effects
72:03 : Instead of taking vitamin supplements…

72:37 : Low carb diets
73:26 : Why fats and proteins are not ideal sources of energy
73:44 : Problems with low carb diets

74:57 : What about red wine?

75:17 : What about coffee?

75:49 : Colon cleanses
81:13 : Why do colon cleanses seem to work?
84:06 : Colon irrigation – its tricks and when its useful
85:57 : The physiology of colonic hydrotherapy
86:33 : How to ensure a clean colon

87:35 : Dr. Klaper’s Conclusion/Summary
89:03 : End

Thanks to Maria Sterling for her Time Map of the Video On Demand version of this presentation.

Viewer Feedback

I cannot express how grateful I am, Dr. Klaper, for sharing your vast science-based, no b.s. knowledge. And especially for such a nominal fee. You sir, have changed my life permanently. Thank you.

Heidi Zschach on August 30, 2017

Utterly fantastic talk by the good doctor. Get your pencil and paper out to write down info you like, pause and write and enjoy. Listened to it twice and still getting info from the good doctor.

B. Nowak on September 15, 2014

I heard Dr Klaper in person deliver this lecture this past March 2014. It was not only filled with great info it help to clear up a lot of the myth of what and why we eat. Dr Kalper is so easy to listen to, and his good sense of humor makes it fun too! He also has a DVD called “Digestion Made Easy” and “Understanding your Blood Test Results” very handy to have if you ever have your blood drawn. GOOD STUFF, Thank you Dr Klaper for you knowledge and Compassion for all!!!!

Jack R. on June 28, 2014

Dr. Klaper is a really great speaker. All of his information was presented in a format that was incredibly easy to understand and really get into. I have only watched this once since I bought it but I really intend to sit down with a notebook and take some extensive notes.

C-Diss on December 29, 2014

Dr. Klaper is my hero! I’ve shown this DVD to friends & family. Dr. Klaper’s presentation gets through to 100% of those who watch. Invest in your health and watch my favorite health DVD on the planet!

Skip on March 4, 2016

Great video. Dr. Klaper is great. He says some things you might not want to hear, but he speaks the truth.

Ms Bailey on September 26, 2016

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