From Operating Table to Dining Table


In the video, “From Operating Table to Dining Room Table: The Evolution of a Nutritionally Aware Physician,” Dr. Michael Klaper discusses the role of a physician in dietary health and the impact of nutrition on health.

Recorded in February 2012 at the Advanced Study Weekend hosted by Dr. John and Mary McDougall.
Duration: 83 minutes.

Dr. Michael Klaper shares his personal story as a general practitioner of medicine
over the past 40+ years and speaks about the importance of a healthy diet.

Comments posted in response to this video:

“I will give this and other similar videos to my cardiologist, my doctor and my registered dietitian…”

“If I was ever in a hospital and needed the care of a physician, I would want no other person near than Dr. Michael Klaper. He is the quintessential doctor. Kind, compassionate, intelligent and most of all kind.”

Interview w/Dr. Michael Klaper newsletter

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