Olive Oil Is Not Healthy


Excerpted from Dr. Klaper’s talk at the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, “Salt, Sugar and Oil: What’s The Problem?”

Dr. Michael Klaper encourages eating food “as grown.” He says the Mediterranean Diet is healthy IN SPITE OF olive oil, not because of it. He disparages eating at restaurants (he eats ahead of time so he’s not famished when he gets there) and suggests alternatives to traditional salad dressings and the use of seasoned vegetable broth instead of cooking oil.

Dr. Klaper describes vegetable oils as liquid fat – olive oil has 13.5 grams of fat and 120 calories per tablespoon – and joins with others in favoring an S.O.S.-free eating style (no added salt, oil, or sugar).

After watching the video below, read Dr. Klaper’s response to reports about the Mediterranean Diet.


“Informative video, yet entertaining! Videos like this make me more aware.” – Barb Noon


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