Chef AJ Teleclass with Dr. Michael Klaper


Listen to Dr. Michael Klaper in this 58-minute conversation with Chef AJ in a Chef AJ Teleclass published November 15, 2015. (Chef AJ has been devoted to a plant-based diet for almost 40 years.)

Dr. Klaper answers questions from Chef AJ and others about what it’s like to work at TrueNorth (where all of the doctors enjoy a vegan diet), plant-based diets, the importance of chewing your food to a cream and being a fully present eater, dietary considerations related to macular degeneration, “junk food” vegans, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, arterial health and cholesterol markers, phytonutrients, probiotics (when and why), Candida overgrowth, raw food diets, digestive enzymes, liver function, stress and serenity management, sources of inspiration, and more. Time flies in this lively conversation!

Comments posted to YouTube in response to this 58-minute conversation:

“I just LOVE listening to Dr. Klaper! I hang on his every word. Thank you for this interview. I’ve heard so many of his lectures on YouTube but there are always more pearls of wisdom he drops along the way.” – Susan H.
“A wonderful and informative interview with Dr. Klaper. Thank you Chef AJ for posting. Dr. Klaper was among the first doctors who’s work and presentations helped me understand enough about the relationship between what we eat and the resulting health outcomes, to get me started eating to what has evolved to be my Plant Based Whole Food, No Oil Way Of Eating.” – Jimmy Wells
“Thank you so much, AJ for this video. Dr. Klaper answered a question I’ve wondered since I was plant based raw vegan for 7 years until it started hurting my gut. Still plant based and eat some raw but have added steaming dark greens, potatoes and soups. I wondered about the enzymes since I always heard cooking destroys them. Well, now I know.” – Carole A. Gaulden
“Great information from Dr. Klaper. His explanations of how the body works are thorough.” – Mango Marilyn
“Love his comment about chewing food thoroughly. It’s something I have to work on constantly, but it makes a big difference when you do it. Chew your food into puree before you swallow. I try to remember the phrase, “Your stomach doesn’t have teeth”.” – quietstormaps



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