Dr. Michael Klaper invites you to watch his informative and entertaining videos about health and nutrition. You can watch free videos here at, purchase DVDs at Amazon, and stream and download full-length videos when you rent or buy Videos On Demand.

DVD’s and Videos On Demand:

DVD: Salt, Sugar & Oil

Salt, Sugar and Oil: What You Need To Know

Would you eat something if you knew it significantly raised your risk of tissue aging, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, cataracts, blindness, kidney failure, stroke, and other degenerative diseases such as arthritis and erectile dysfunction? Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and oil have been linked with all of these! Could your favorite flavors be hurting you? In this presentation, Dr. Klaper tells you What You Need To Know Before You Take a Bite!

See the introductory video here .

Running Time: 73 minutes

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DVD: Fasting

Fasting: Safe and Effective Use of an Ancient Powerful Healing Therapy

Dr. Michael Klaper describes the benefits and proper procedures for fasting, who can benefit from fasting, who should not fast, how to prepare for a fast, what to expect during a fast, when and how to take a break from fasting, and what to eat after fasting to maintain your health.

If you suffer from any of the following or have other chronic health problems, this video is for you: High Blood Pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cystitis, Type 2 Diabetes, Migraine Headaches, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Angina Pectoris.

Click here for more information about this DVD and On Demand Video and see a 2-minute introductory video.

See the introductory video here .

Running Time: 55 minutes

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DVD: Digestion Made Easy

Digestion Made Easy

Dr. Michael Klaper takes you on a journey through your digestive system to meet the amazing organs that turn the food you eat into YOU!

Learn how digestion and absorption work, how to keep digestion functioning at optimum levels, and how to avoid and/or heal common diseases such as acid reflux, constipation and diverticulosis. A complicated subject is made easy and fun to understand.

Dr. Klaper says, “You’re NOT what you eat. You are what you DIGEST and ABSORB!”

See the introductory video here .

Running Time: 67 minutes

DVD: Understanding Your Blood Test Results

Understanding Your Blood Test Results

Know what your blood tests say to your doctor – and YOU – about your health. Learn how to read the data in a lab report and what it means about your current state of health. Know if you are currently challenged by, or at risk for anemia, diabetes, heart disease, bacterial and viral infections, parasitic activity, inflammatory arthritis, and more. This clear, enjoyable presentation by one of America’s foremost physician-educators, conveys essential information about what your doctor knows about the function of your vital organs.

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Running Time: 67 minutes

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DVD: Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition

Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition

A Look at Today’s Most Common Health Myths

Dr. Michael Klaper explores some of the most commonly held beliefs and myths about nutrition in this 67-minute presentation that will change the way you think about your body, your food, and your health!

Topics include gallbladder flushes, colonic irrigation, probiotics, olive oil, chocolate, dairy, fat burning pills, sugar, multi-vitamins, low carb diets, and coffee.

Learn more here.

Running Time: 67 minutes

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Plant-Only Medicine Man

In this special 5-minute video, Dr. Michael Klaper talks about his awe of the human body, the pleasure he derives from working with his patients, life as an ethical vegan, and what he hopes to say and feel at the end of his life.

Posted: September 2011. Duration: 5 minutes. Free.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

Dr. Michael Klaper speaks with 40 years of experience as a Medical Doctor to explain what your relationship should be with your family physician and health care organization.

Recorded: February 2012. Duration: 6 minutes. Free.


Vegan Protein Deficiency

Dr. Klaper advocates a whole foods diet consisting of what he refers to as, “food as grown.” He identifies protein sources and a set of guidelines for a vegan or plant-based diet.

Posted: November 2011. Duration: 5 minutes. Free.

From Operating Table to Dining Room Table

“The Evolution of a Nutritionally Aware Physician”
Dr. Michael Klaper shares his personal story as a general practitioner of medicine for 40+ years and speaks about the importance of a healthy diet.

Recorded: February 2012. Duration: 83 minutes. Free.

Linda Long Talks with Dr. Michael Klaper

Dr. Michael Klaper is interviewed by Linda Long, author and photographer of “Virgin Vegan, The Meatless Guide to Pleasing your Palate.”
You’ll hear some surprising questions and interesting, entertaining answers.

Posted: March 1, 2013. Duration: 27 minutes. Free.

Olive Oil Is Not Healthy

Dr. Klaper says the Mediterranean Diet is healthy IN SPITE OF olive oil, not because of it. He explains why and suggests alternatives to vegetable oils. Excerpted from his talk at the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Posted: January 2013. Duration: 11 minutes. Free.


Food Revolution Summit 2013

Dr. Klaper was interviewed by John Robbins as part of the Food Revolution Summit 2013, a weeklong series of interviews with 24 of the world’s top food experts and activists. Original audio interview enhanced with images.

Aired: May 1, 2013. Posted in August 2013. Duration: 40 minutes. Free.


Dr. Don Radio Show 2013

Dr. Michael Klaper was interviewed on the Dr. Don Radio Show, a weekday talk radio program that bridges the gap between conventional medicine and lifestyle approaches to health and wellness.

Aired: May 23, 2013. Posted in August 2013. Duration: 40 minutes. Free.


Practical Nutritional Medicine

Dr. Michael Klaper’s presentation at Dr. McDougall’s Advanced Study Weekend in Santa Rosa, California, “Practical Nutritional Medicine: Putting Hippocrates’ Advice to Work to Treat Today’s Diseases.”

Presented: September 8, 2013. Duration: 84 minutes. Free.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Dr. Michael Klaper speaks with students in the College Buddhist Association at Pasadena City College about their food choices and their future. 65-minute illustrated presentation + 35-minute question and answer session.

Recorded: November 26, 2013. Duration: 110 minutes. Free.

Curing Leaky Gut Syndrome

Dr. Michael Klaper discusses the critical importance of gut bacteria, lists diseases and conditions that can be caused by “leaky gut syndrome,” and details how to cure it.

Published: January 27, 2014. Duration: 9 minutes. Free.

Chef AJ with Dr. Michael Klaper

Listen to Dr. Michael Klaper in this lively conversation with Chef AJ about health and nutrition, emphasizing the importance of a plant-based diet.

Published: November 15, 2015. Duration: 58 minutes. Free.

Dr. Klaper on Essentials of Healthy Living Radio Show

“Using a whole food plant-based diet to overcome common diseases, such as diabetes, and to heal leaky gut.” Listen to a 49-minute interview with Dr. Michael Klaper by Dana Laake, a licensed nutritionist, on the Essentials of Healthy Living Radio Show.

Aired: April 16, 2017. Posted in July 2017. Duration: 49 minutes. Free.

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