Slaying the Sugary BeastI have been cursed with one of the most voracious sweet tooths (is the plural of “sweet tooth” really “sweet teeth?”) in history. Until my nutritional understanding grew to a point when most sugary treats just no longer seemed as appetizing to me, any dark chocolate bar or vegan cookie within arm’s reach of me was in mortal danger. Yet, they are safe in my presence now. What has armed me with such fortitude? Why don’t I eat the cookies and the devil’s food cake this year? Because I know what they are!

I wrote an article to help you during the holidays (and at other times) when faced with these sweet temptations. It’s called “Slaying the Sugary Beast” and you can read it now in the Answers section of my website.

I hope it helps you and your loved ones stay strong and healthy.

~ Dr. Michael Klaper

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