Jami Dulaney PodcastDr. Michael Klaper was interviewed this month (March 2015) by Dr. Jami Dulaney for her podcast about plant-based wellness.

Jami Dulaney is a plant-based cardiologist and endurance athlete passionate about promoting health and wellness.

Dulaney describes this “as a true mentor podcast.”

She writes, “If Dr. Klaper doesn’t make you want to be plant-based, then no one will. He is a dynamic speaker and compassionate physician. He knows his medicine and his plant-based nutrition. He presents the evidence for plant-based wellness and discusses the pitfalls of traditional medicine when it comes to healing people from now-accepted chronic diseases.”

Recording Time: 67 minutes

Original link for this podcast:  https://jaimeladulaneymd.podbean.com/e/jami-dulaney-md-plant-based-wellness-podcast-episode-24-with-dr-klaper/

Website for Dr. Jami Dulaney’s podcast:  jaimeladulaneymd.podbean.com

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