Animal Lot NewsOur current, flesh-based dietary patterns are destroying our bodies and our planet – and word is getting out!

“Research from Cambridge and Aberdeen universities estimates greenhouse gases from food production will go up 80% if meat and dairy consumption continues to rise at its current rate.” Source: BBC News

Gorging on animal flesh is out of control and threatens our entire future. Think about it: most North Americans consume animal flesh three times a day – bacon and eggs for breakfast, cheeseburger for lunch, chicken for dinner. Every 5 hours a piece of animal muscle disappears down our collective gullets (some vegetarians and all vegans excepted).

My heavens! Talk about UN-natural! EVEN MOUNTAIN LIONS DON’T EAT MEAT THREE TIMES A DAY! The tigers in Indian rain forests, the lions on the Serengeti in Africa, the jaguars in the Amazon – all official carnivores – do NOT eat flesh three times a day! But we “naked apes” (reminiscent of ghouls and zombies) in this affluent society give ourselves permission to bolt down a piece of animal muscle every five hours – and our hospitals are filled with the results!

If someone asked me how to create a cancer in their large intestine (the colon), I would tell them to pack themselves full of meat two to three times every day and let that fermenting mass of carcinogenic, hormone-laded, noxious concoction rub against their colon wall, day after day, month after month, year after year. Do that – as so many are who follow “low-carb” trendy diets – and you have an EXCELLENT chance of kindling a killer carcinoma in your colon wall before many years have passed.

We are not carnivorous apes, despite what “low-carb” diet promoters would have us believe. As I see it, they are setting up their disciples for an epidemic of clogged arteries, colon cancers, kidney failure, and strokes.

Our digestive system is beautifully designed to effectively and elegantly dismantle whole plant foods, which should constitute the vast majority – if not the entirety – of our diet. We risk ignoring that miraculous design at our own peril.

~ Dr. Michael Klaper

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