AlGoreImageI read recently that former vice president Al Gore has adopted a plant-based diet. See:

I presume he did so because of the “inconvenient truth” that eating a meat-based diet – the cause of more deforestation, water pollution, topsoil erosion, and climate change-producing greenhouse gases than any other human activity (1) – is incompatible with being an eco-warrior fighting for the preservation and sustainability of the Earth.

Mr. Gore will garner great benefits from his move to a plant-based diet – both for the environmental causes he champions AND for his own health.

As a physician, images of Mr. Gore have concerned me because his face has seemed bloated and plethoric; his bull-neck and expansive abdomen made his clothes seem ominously tight. These are the hallmarks of a body struggling with obesity, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and other predictable plagues of a diet high in animal flesh, dairy products, and processed foods.

When I see people who look like this in my medical office, I can deduce their diet almost immediately. One look at their face and form and I know they probably already have clogged arteries and impaired insulin receptors and are facing health catastrophes such as heart attacks, strokes and cancers – all from the toxic nature of the food-stream they’re consuming.

At that point, improving the nature of their food stream becomes the focus of the health care program I design. I spend many hours counseling patients about making the transition to a whole-food, plant-based diet. I recommend resources to help them make their dietary evolution practical, as well as tasty.

If they (and you) have not seen the video, “Forks Over Knives,” I urge them (and you) to do so.


2-minute trailer:

For those who overcome their resistance, hear the message, and make the transition to a plant-based diet – the difference is usually nothing short of spectacular. Within weeks, bodies begin to noticeably change – bloat leaves faces, graceful jawlines appear beneath cheeks, neck sizes reduce, normal waistlines emerge, and the general appearance of a “body in distress” recedes. The glow of health begins to emerge and it’s so beautiful to see!

More importantly, all these visible outer changes are reflected in dramatic improvements in inner health – elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels begin to normalize, arteries open, blood flow increases to vital organs, and a leaner, lighter and much healthier human being emerges.

This “new” person has a much healthier relationship with their food and, necessarily, a healthier relationship with their own body, other animals, and the entire planet. What more could a good environmentalist like Mr. Gore (or anyone else) ask for?!

The physical transformation I’ve described is one of the most remarkable in medicine and it shows most prominently in one’s face. We’ve seen Bill Clinton’s face change after he adopted a plant-based diet; now watch what happens to Al Gore’s face. The change will signify the emergence of a new level of health in a body long in need of it.

I congratulate Mr. Gore on his personal and nutritional evolution. His example will resonate with many people. I think he’ll find the simple act of ceasing to eat the flesh and milk of animals is the most powerful tool he – and each of us – can choose to achieve our planet-saving goals.

So, watch Al Gore’s face in the time ahead, if he sticks to a plant-based diet. If there’s someone in your life who needs to make the same transformation, tell them to watch for the change – and make their own!

Note: (1) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Rome, 2006. See:

~ Dr. Michael Klaper

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