Paleo foodWith all the recent news about the Paleo Diet, where carbohydrates and legumes are eschewed and virtually every meal centers around a piece of animal muscle – as if every Neanderthal had a mastodon in the freezer and spent all day munching mammoth meat, I decided to write about it.

My concerns regarding the adoption of the Paleo diet: What will that flesh-based eating style do to both our bodies and our planet? Healthwise, far from being a “natural,” health-promoting diet, the Paleo diet is risky from a number of standpoints and I fear it is setting its practitioners up for an epidemic of colon cancer, clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes, and autoimmune disease.

Is the Paleo diet the way of our future (or even of our past)?  In my opinion, it is neither a healthful nor sustainable diet for people and our planet. Read more here…

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