CulinaryRxAs many of you know, a major focus of mine is treatment for the underlying cause of most disease and death in the USA – eating the current, animal-based, Standard American Diet (SAD).

Fortunately, I am not alone in this healing task and I am honored to work with colleagues (and friends!) such as Dr. Scott Stoll, a physical medicine specialist with a large, beautiful family who embodies the best of what it means to be a physician.

Like me, Dr. Stoll recognizes that a transition to a whole-food, plant-based diet holds the key to transforming our national health picture – and the lives of hundreds of millions of people and the planet itself.

He knows we face great obstacles because physicians do not know how to counsel people about plant-based nutrition and the public does not know how to shop for, buy, and prepare health-supporting food.

Changing those two realities are the focus of his work.

Dr. Stoll and his colleagues recently presented the 2nd International Plant-based Nutrition Health Care Conference in San Diego, where I was privileged to be a speaker and many physicians and culinary educators attended.

Out of that productive meeting came the Plantrician Project to help educate physicians about preventing and reversing disease through their patients’ diets (what a novel idea!)

In turn, the Plantrician Project has partnered with Rouxbe – one of the nation’s foremost and innovative online cooking schools – to educate doctors and the public about putting plant-based food to work to create true health for our nation – and our children’s future.

This online course and support programs will educate health care professionals on the science and clinical applications of plant-based nutrition, while Rouxbe’s plant-based culinary educators make creating simple, delicious and health-promoting meals quick and easy. (I love their slow-motion knife technique videos!)

Here is where you come in. They have initiated a Thunderclap/Kickstarter campaign to conduct a study to see how to make this transformational educational program as effective as possible and how to introduce it into the healthcare system.

I invite you to review the website, watch the brief video (where you’ll see a familiar face!) and, if you feel moved, support this groundbreaking – and absolutely essential – work.

A gift to all our futures!  See:  CulinaryRx, Plant Prescription

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