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Posted: November 7, 2014

By: Dr. Michael Klaper

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If you suffer a small cut with clean edges, such as a paper cut or a cut from a sharp knife, paper edge, or razor blade, you can stop the bleeding without pain and close the wound instantly by squeezing the edges of the wound tightly together and, after wiping the skin clean, placing a “bridge” of a thin layer “super-glue” over the top of the wound – over the intact, pushed-together, surfaces of the skin, not down IN the wound.

Let the glue dry for a minute and then place another thin layer over the first, this time extending the edges of the glue a bit past the original patch. After another minute to let the second layer dry, place a third layer of glue, again, extending the edges a few millimeters past the previous layer. After the third layer of glue is well dried, put a Band-Aid over the top to protect the wound and “glue-patch.”

If cared for properly, the glue will fall off in 5-7 days (about the same time stitches would remain in place if the wound were sutured) and the wound will have sealed nicely.

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