After 40+ years of medical practice, Dr. Michael Klaper, a leading authority on nutritional medicine, spells out his health concerns about human consumption of dairy products – for humans, cows, water, soil, and air – and includes numerous references from scientific studies.

In this free, 42-minute illustrated presentation, Dr. Klaper describes the scientific, ethical, and environmental underpinnings of his point of view regarding cow’s milk and cheese products.

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Dr. Michael Klaper says, “Cow’s milk is baby calf growth fluid.”

“Dairy Doubts” Contents:

    – Introduction
    – What we’re told about dairy products…
    – The purpose of cow’s milk
    – If you’re trying to lose weight…
    – Reality Check
    – Estrogens in cow’s milk…
    – Dairy and Prostate Cancer
    – Dairy and Ovarian Cancer
    – Dairy and Acne
    – Plant-Based Diets in Treatment of Asthma
    – Dairy and Various Medical Conditions
    – Cheese (congealed, fermented butterfat)
    “The Cheese Trap” by Neal Barnard, MD
    – Where cow’s milk really comes from…
    – Today’s commercial dairy industry…
    – Are you really that hungry?
    – Healthy Calcium Sources
    – Dairy and Environmental Pollution
    – Look in the mirror…
    – Delicious alternatives (in moderation)…
    – What about your bones?
    – Osteoporosis is NOT a calcium deficiency
    Healthy Bones
    – Summary & Suggestions


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Dairy Doubts


January 5, 2017


42 Minutes


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