Understanding Your Blood Test Results

Understanding Your Blood Test Results

Dr. Michael Klaper, one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and health, explains how to understand your blood test results.

If you’ve ever felt puzzled or powerless when looking at a blood test, or have wanted to know what the numbers mean, Understanding Your Blood Test Results is for you!

This clear, enjoyable presentation by one of America’s foremost physician-educators, conveys essential information about what your doctor knows about the function of your vital organs.

Understanding Your Blood Test Results reveals — line by line — how to read the data available to you on a lab report and tells you what it means about your current state of health.

You will know if you are currently challenged by, or at risk for anemia, diabetes, heart disease, bacterial and viral infections, parasitic activity, inflammatory arthritis, and more.

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Run Time: 67 minutes

Understanding Your Blood Test Results

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Viewer Feedback

Tons of valuable information. Tells me all about the results of the tests my dr. ordered but did not have the time to go over with me.


Dr. Klaper has done a fabulous job of explaining what the results of all the different tests that your doctor orders for you actually mean! This video is definitely my “aha” moment.


Lots of excellent information. He has the ability to take a complex subject and make it both interesting and informative. Would highly recommend!!

Mary Cruickshank

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